Thursday, November 12, 2009

Remember me?

Wow - here we are at taper time and I finally decide to write something. Life has been way too busy, and trying to keep up with everything has been difficult. So my apologies to TJ who has been diligent in writing most of this blog.

Here's a summary of me since the last time. I think my last post was from TJ who reported on my ChesapeakeMan Aqua Velo times. Again, it was mixed reviews since I wasn't feeling all that great that day, and despite that I went through some tough mental times getting through the race and that in and of itself was an accomplishment. Problem is that I still have significant knee pain and weakness in the surgery leg. Despite that it was a breakthrough workout mentally for me, knowing that in spite of the pain I can get through the distance.

Since then I did several long rides with TJ and although I slowed him down, they were great training rides for me. Continued with my schedule as far as training was concerned, mainly focusing on strength training whenever I ran. I did make the mistake of several weekend madness periods with a long ride on saturday and a long run on sunday and after reconsidering broke these up during the week during the last two months.

Been on a slight taper for over a week and went in for another VO2 check and I improved my peak VO2 by 5 points and increased my fat burning capability significantly for zones 1 and 2. This has given me all the confidence I need right now knowing I have the conditioning necessary for my IM.

Now if I can only stay away from all these germs, I will be happy happy.

All in all I am ready to go and so looking forward to AZ! It truly is one of my favorite places to be!

Happy Training!

-- Willie

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