Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ironman Arizona - 2009 Statistics

This is a good sign.

Obviously, I was faster last year than I was this year. I did two triathlons this year... Northeast Triathlon and Ironman Arizona. My run sucked in both races. But, I did finish and I was still middle of the pack.

Here are some heart/calorie burn rate stats from IMAZ...

Swim: 138 avg. 156 max 1222 calories
BIke: 141 avg. 161 max 4821 calories
Run: 128 avg. 151 max 3872 calories

I did nail my nutrition. I didn't have any GI or bonking issues. I didn't feel "hungry" until the last 4 - 6 miles of the run which is just about right. But, I wasn't bloated or sloshy, either. It was very dry and I did good managing my thirst.

I was definitely disorganized on my run. I need to work at getting better on how I organize my run. I have seen video of me running in Ironman and I don't like what I see and it doesn't compare favorably to how I run when I train. There is a lot of room for improvement.

Willie and TJ on the run.

-- TJ

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