Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Climbing the Walls

Well, we're officially in taper time. This has been hard for me. I don't know about Willie. But, for me... I'm climbing the walls. Life came in heavy this week between work, home and family... so I didn't get a workout in on Monday (usually a weightlifting day) or Tuesday (usually a swim day). By lunch at work today (a Wednesday) I was going out of my mind. I envisioned myself as gaining 10 lbs., losing all my cardio fitness and just generally being in no shape for an Ironman. It is crazy where my mind goes.

Thankfully, I managed to get in a short run after work. Tempo run of 30 minutes which covered around 4 miles. I felt better after that. I'm going to try and ride the bike for a bit tomorrow and then get a swim in, too. I've decided to drop the weightlifting workouts at this point. This is the latest I've lifted weights in an Ironman year... and though they are good for muscle tone and stamina, I think they do slow me a down a little.

So, hopefully I can make it through tomorrow and get in those workouts. I've also been ravenous and have had to take it easy with food. As you know. Halloween was last weekend so of course there is candy everywhere I go. Overall, I've managed to hold the line. The mental part of taper is really hard to explain, though. At least for me... it's like that character on "Gulliver's Travels"... Glum was his name I believe. "We're doomed... we'll never make it."

The little man inside my head during taper time...

-- TJ

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