Sunday, November 15, 2009

All Star Weekend

72 degrees on November 15.

72 degrees... on March 27.

Today at Tidal Basin... notice a difference from the March 27 picture?

I have complained this fall about the weather. But, these past two weekends have been gorgeous. I did my last brick workout on a sun-drenched, 72 degree Sunday in Washington, DC. I rode down Rock Creek Park to Hains Point and back with Davis. I rode my 10 speed Schwinn as my bike is on it's way to Arizona via Tri Bike Transport. in fact, I had to borrow a helmet from our neighbors and dig some other cycle-related equipment out of storage as all my bike gear is in a bag in a van on its way to Arizona. I transitioned to run and felt fabulous... probably because the ride was only 30 miles today. Even though I've been trying to run at a slower pace... the brick runs the past two weeks have been the fastest two of they year. No problems with PF today, either. I feel ready. And, looking at the pictures, you can really tell the difference in my body composition. I weight 196 lbs. as I just can't seem to get down to the mythical 190 lb. level.

This concludes the training season. I'll have very little going on this week. Some light swimming, stretching and core workouts. But, a word about this weekend. I celebrated my ninth anniversary on Friday. I had some great speakers share on my behalf. All great men with a strong, spritual message. The meeting concluded with Chris S. playing a very touching version of "Amazing Grace" on his harmonica. Then, I was part of putting together Brother Alexis' 36th anniversary meeting on Saturday morning. Again, great speakers, all with a wonderful message. After a short stationary bike workout, I played a gig down on Kent Island Saturday night with the Bad Weather Boyz. We had a great time and the crowd enjoyed the show. This morning, I led on the 11th Step at Greenbelt and saw some old friends from the fellowship. I had the great brick workout and then the Redskins won and the Cowboys lost. Really, a great weekend and great preparation for next weekend. In the old days, I would have predicted GLOOM and DOOM next weekend... how can you have two great weekends in a row? But, I now know the truth... THE SKY IS THE LIMIT... great weekend this week... EVEN BETTER one next weekend. I know I am blessed and I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to toe the starting line of an Ironman.

TJ & Davis at the Jefferson Memorial

-- TJ


  1. Good luck guys - I'll be there as well!

  2. Love the photos, love the post.

    I'll see you next in AZyea!