Saturday, November 7, 2009

Confidence Builder

Taper continues... swam 50 minutes yesterday morning and did a core/stretching routine at the gym during lunch. Did some dips and pull-ups, too. After my ride on the trainer on Thursday evening, I felt a lot better. But, today was really the breakthrough...

I did a 40 mile ride... Davis and I clipped in around 8:50 and met the "A" Team at Georgetown about 9:20. Eric, Patrick, Andy, Bobby, Joe C. and others were there. We then rode up the hill towards Reservoir Road and took the left turn. My plan was to hang on with this group, no matter what, up to the one lane bridge over Cabin John. Last week, I was dropped at Glen Echo. Well, I pretty much made it all the way to the BP. We went up Mountain Gate... and Old Anglers, of course. I was not the last person up Mountain Gate... nor Old Anglers. In fact, I was able to accelerate on a couple of hills and pass people. We were doing 24 - 25 mph the whole way (except the hills). Last week's pace was faster and I believe that because Phil and Chad weren't out there today, the group was a little less competitive.

Additionally, I caught up to that Bicycle Place group again and dusted them all up Democracy. Seriously, I was averaging about 18 - 19 mph going up the hill on Democracy to Old Georgetown Road. Earlier this year, it was a struggle to go 14 - 16 mph up that hill.

So, it was a huge confidence boost and I really do feel strong on the bike. The taper is working, and that's a relief. I'm due for a brick tomorrow but it'll be short and sweet. 90 minutes on the bike and then a 30 minute run. The heel is feeling good right now... so we'll play it by ear regarding this run. Would rather rest it and heal 100% than get a brick in just to get a brick in.

Lastly.... today is Ironman Florida. Some friends/training buddies from DC Tri Club are out there today. Of note is Tuan... who broke his clavicle in September. He healed up and is down there... probably riding his bike, right now. A real warrior. I can't wait to read his race report.

Tuan... bib # 761... GO FOR THE GLORY!!!

-- TJ

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